Russia would disappear in ‘radioactive cloud’ if Putin uses nuke – expert

A Russian propagandist’s threat to drown the UK in radioactive fallout has been rubbished by a retired Royal Navy officer.

With the UK supporting Ukraine in its war efforts by sending equipment and weapons, it has come under attack from Putin-supporting TV hosts.

Recently, one mouthpiece Dmitry Kiselyov threatened that Britain could be obliterated by a Satan-2 missile, which he boasted could be used to cause a “tsunami” up to 500 metres [1640 ft] high, plunging “Britain into the depths of the sea”.

But, reacting to this dramatic threat on GB News, ex-military officer Rear Admiral Chris Parry wasn’t convinced by the truth of the stooge’s threat.

“It doesn’t terrify me because I haven’t seen the weapon working yet, and nobody else has. It’s something that is a fantasy weapon, very much like the one that Hitler was threatening us with at the end of the Second World War,” he told Colin Brazier.

“This is the rage of an impotent bully that isn’t getting its way.”

Chris suggested that Russia is desperate to be liked by “civilised nations” like the United Kingdom, but had failed to gain this respect.

He continued: “So it’s thrashing around, threatening all sorts of things that it knows it will never be able to or be willing to implement, because it knows that if it does it will be getting a boat load of Trident back the other way.”

In fact, the former Rear Admiral claimed that Russia could even cause its own people to suffer a nuclear catastrophe if it launched the supposedly deadly missile.

“Most of its major cities will disappear in a radioactive cloud as well,” he added.

“There’s no way that the Russian oligarchies at the top of the organisation are going to risk annihilation on their own side for the sake of a regional conflict.

“What they’re forgetting of course is that the radioactive tsunami has got more than enough energy to make its way across Europe into Russia as well. This is just brainless thinking.”

Although Britain has nuclear weapons of its own, it has been reluctant to interfere directly in the Ukraine conflict – for instance by sending troops – for fear that this will spark Putin into starting World War Three.

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