Russia only has 10 days left with Putins army on the run in Ukraine

The resistance from Ukrainian forces has reportedly got the Russian army “on the run” as their supplies will only last them two weeks, according to a senior UK defence source.

Vladimir Putin’s troops are only able to continue fighting with full stomachs for around 10-14 days as they look to take the capital Kyiv from Ukraine forces.

It is believed that Putin and his officials have been surprised by Ukrainian forces continuing to hold them at bay.

The continued defiance from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his forces now means Russia is running out of time according to a UK defence source.

The source told the Mail: “Ukraine has Russia on the run. It is running out of manpower and running out of energy. As long as we keep pressing they’ve got ten to 14 days before reaching their culminating point.

“That’s when the strength of Ukraine’s resistance should become greater than Russia’s attacking force.”

Following news of Russia’s food crisis for its troops, CNN has reported that the country has asked China to help with ready-to-eat food.

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Russia has reportedly asked China for both military and financial assistance in its invasion of Ukraine, as well as the non-perishable military food kits.

Both UK and US intelligence also believe Russian troops are also experiencing a food crisis.

An unnamed source also told CNN that China was concerned about aiding Russia with weapons as it could provoke the west.

The news of Russia’s call for aid comes as almost 20,000 civilians are believed to have died in the city of Mariupol in Ukraine, according to the mayor’s adviser.

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Petro Andryushchenko told the Present Time TV channel: “Four days ago, we talked about an ‘optimistic’ scenario – about 10,000 victims today.

"But with the increased intensity and the brutality that has increased many times over, we can say that if the blockade ends now and we can start at least searching for these people, the number of victims is already approaching 20,000.

“But if this does not happen in the coming days, this number will approach 350 thousand – all those who did not have time to leave.”

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