Russia on run! Putins war machine given just TEN days to survive as 13.5k troops dead

Ukrainian MP warns EU 'will be next' if Putin wins war

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With the war about to enter its third week, Ukrainian sources announce up to 13,500 Russian soldiers have been killed, as well as scores of aircraft shot down, tanks destroyed and helicopters blown to pieces. Having expected to end the war in days and not weeks, a desperate Putin has called on foreign assistance, including from China and North Korea according to some reports.

Now both a senior UK defence source and the former commander of US forces say the game could soon be up for Russia.

The source claims “Ukraine now has Russia on the run.

“It is running out of manpower and running out of energy. As long as we keep pressing they’ve got ten to 14 days before reaching their culminating point

“That’s when the strength of Ukraine’s resistance should become greater than Russia’s attacking force,” the source told The Mail.


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