Russia biggest threats: The 9 war machines Russia has at its disposal

Russia: Putin ‘will not stop at Ukraine’ says Liz Truss

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While the UK and other nations have begun revealing their sanctions on Russia for sending troops into disputed territories of Ukraine, the Kremlin has pressed on with delivering troops to parts of Ukraine it now believes are independent states. Russia’s army is no small feat – having some 30,000 armoured vehicles and one million active military personnel, it is among the most powerful and largest militaries in existence. As Europe creeps closer to all-out warfare, what exactly do the Russian army have at their disposal?



The MIG-31 is one of the fastest combat jets on earth, with a maximum speed of 1,900mph.

The supersonic fighter came into service in 1975 and has four R-33 air to air missiles.

Sukhoi Su-57

This single-seat, twin-engine stealth fighter is a relatively new design bought by the Russians in 2020.

Dubbed ‘Felon’ by NATO, its unique shape and absorbent coat make it difficult to detect on radar.

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T-72 tank

In use since 1969, the T-72 tank is a lightweight tank and smaller than western main battle tanks.

The tank can even travel underwater due to a ‘snorkelling’ system on board and is only manned by three people.

Uragan rocket launcher

This rocket launcher was first used in the Soviet Union during the 1970s and can use chemical, explosive or scatter mines.

It can be set up and fired in less than three minutes by a six-man crew.

Iskander mobile missile launcher

The Iskander boasts several different warheads, including a fuel-air explosive enhanced blast warhead, a high explosive fragmentation warhead, a cluster munitions warhead, and an earth penetrator.

It also has an electromagnetic pulse device for anti-radar missions.

BTR-80 armoured personnel carrier

The BTR 80 is an amphibious carrier and can climb slopes up to a 60 percent gradient and even a vertical step of 0.5m.

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Admiral Kuznetsov

Admiral Kuznetsov is the flagship of Russia’s navy.

Its main purpose is to support and defend strategic missile-carrying machines such as submarines, surface ships and aircraft.

Zubr class hovercraft

The Zubr is the biggest hovercraft in the world and can carry a whopping 555 tonnes of tanks and men.

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