Rugby players on stag do sink barge and flood road in day of drunken chaos

A boozy stag do turned into an afternoon of mayhem that sunk a barge and flooded a road in Worcestershire.

The barge, one of three hired from ABC Boat Hire on Friday, May 20, ended up as more of a submarine after a reportedly thoroughly hammered group of mates had piloted it up the Droitwich Canal in Worcestershire, allegedly hitting virtually every other boat on the water.

Narrowboat owner Amanda Huxtable., who later called the police about the lads’ riotous behaviour, write on Facebook: “There's a reason why you shouldn't let your boats to stag parties. I have now had ABC come to find the boat that hit me has been abandoned."

The rowdy group had failed to get one of their boats through a lock on the canal, but rather than trying to sort it out 6they just ditched it and poled onto one lf the other craft.

“There were 3 boats in total,” Ms Huxtable wrote. “One has been sunk in the staircase on Droitwich. And hopefully the third is on its way to Tewkesbury…”

She said:”These guys were incapable of being in charge of a 65ft narrowboat,” but added that the police had declined to get involved.

“If they had, perhaps this could have been avoided,” she said. “Thankfully no one was killed.”

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She also claimed that Bromsgrove police had found “a large amount of drugs” on one of the barges.

Another witness, James Rhodes, said that the rogue barge had hit “several” boats moored at nearby Hanbury Wharf.

As well as the chaos on the canal itself, the stag party, who were reportedly Welsh rugby players, also managed to flood a nearby road with their antics. It wasn’t until well into the following day that traffic on the canal and nearby roads was returned to normal.

A spokesperson from the Canal and Rivers Trust said: "I think it was a stag party and there were three boats.

"One was the one that got into trouble and that was because they didn’t operate the locks and the paddles properly, so ultimately their boat got stuck.

“The first time the Trust was notified of the situation was at 9.30pm last night but that was only in relation to some flooding on a nearby road.”

The charity is now launching a full investigation into what went on.

The Daily Star has contacted ABC Boat Hire for comment but has yet to receive a reply.

West Mercia Police have also been contacted for comment.

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