Royal Navy engineer who sniggered when he grabbed sailors bum convicted

A Royal Navy engineer who "sniggered" when grabbing a female colleague's bum as she climbed a ladder has been convicted of sexual assault.

Able Seaman Daniel Goffey, 25, groped his crewmate after a Navy barbecue on board the HMS Prince of Wales.

Alcohol was said to have been consumed on board the £3.1million vessel, with Goffey's victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, complaining of "intoxicated" Goffey making her "very uncomfortable".

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Following a three-day trial at Bulford Military Court, Goffey was convicted of sexual assault after a court heard the victim give evidence relating to a mess hall party incident.

A number of mess parties had broken out across the ship after an organised barbecue had come to an end, with Goffey arriving at his victim's mess because he had "run out of booze".

The 25-year-old was also said to have wanted to convince the victim to head to another party, the court was told, but the female sailor and others tried to draw Goffey away from the mess.

Instead they instructed him to another part of the ship, which meant going up a ladder and is where the incident took place.

The court heard that when the group headed up the ladder one by one, that is when the sexual assault took place.

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Giving evidence, the victim said: "We all went up single file. I felt two hands on either side of my butt-cheeks for about two seconds. I turned around to push him away and he just sniggered. I slapped his hands away."

In return, Goffey denied sexually assaulting his colleague, saying: "You have to grab the handrails to go up those ladders. Everyone was drunk so you would definitely have needed to grab the handles."

Goffey, now based at HMS Nelson in Portsmouth, will be sentenced for sexual assault at a later date, with the engineering technician cleared of two other counts of sexual assault, Daily Mail reported.

The 25-year-old had been accused of touching another female sailor's bum and kissing her but had told the court that this was not sexual as he "knew she was a lesbian" and he had acted in a "gentlemanly way".

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