Royal Family making a point by excluding Lilibet from succession says expert

A royal correspondent has questioned why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's daughter Lilibet has still not been included in the line of succession on the Royal Family website.

It has been seven weeks since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their daughter into the world and the official website is still showing Prince Andrew as eighth in line to the throne after Lilibet's older brother Archie.

Talking on the ITV Royal Rota podcast, royal correspondent Chris Ship said it was odd and reckoned it would only take "half an hour" to update the website.

He then questioned if it might be The Firm "making a point".

Discussing the omission of Lilibet with ITV royal producer Lizzie Robinson, Chris said: "Given how old she is, a couple of months now, they haven't yet updated that.

"Now the Palace says that the website gets updated periodically but you would think they would put that name in by now.

"I know she was born in America and I know Harry and Meghan have left the Royal Family, nevertheless she is still eight in line to the British throne."

Chris continued: "You've got to ask, what is taking them so long?

"All they have got to do is do a spacebar, hit the paragraph button, put in a different number.

"They must have done it before, they did it for Archie too, they did it for Louie when he was born, and they've done it for some of the other children like August, so where is Lilibet?"

He added: "I can forgive them a week or two but a month?

"Is this them being a little bit putulant, is it them saying, 'We will get around to it when we are ready', it does feel like to me maybe they are making a point."

When Archie was born in 2019, the website was changed to add him to the line of succession after 15 days.

But August, the son of Princess Eugenie who was born in February, was not added to the website for 61 days.

Buckingham Palace has been contacted for comment.

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