Ring camera catches hero jogger rescuing strangers pets from burning house

A good Samaritan running past a burning house stopped by rescue a stranger's pets from a deadly fire – and the whole thing was caught on video.

The touching moment was recorded on the house's home security camera when Paul Murphy was having his morning jog in the neighbourhood of Scotts Valley in California, US.

Paul saw smoke billowing from the house and quickly knocked on the door.

But couple Courtney and Tony Polito were both not at home when the fire started.

In the footage shared online, Paul is trying to get into contact with the owners on the Ring camera and at one point, Courtney speaks to him through the camera.

He says: "Hi there is smoke coming out of the top of your house."

Courtney then explains she has two Dachshunds, a rabbit and a cat. She gives the security code to Paul and asks him to get her pets out to safety.

Paul quickly gets inside and grabs the animals in his arms as the fire goes out of control.

He makes a second trip and rescue the two dogs out to the garden.

Courtney told Inside Edition that she panicked when she saw the smoke from the camera.

"The first thing that went to my mind was to get my pets outside the house please," she recalled of the terrifying incident.

"The fire department said 10 more minutes and the house would have been gone.

"I was telling him [Paul] that I wanna buy you dinner, I will buy you anything. I could give you my life if I could. You rescued my babies and you saved our house.

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"My kids, my husband, we would be devastated if we lost our pets, let alone our home."

Scotts Valley Battalion Chief Andrew LoFronco confirmed the fire was contained to the garage.

He also added that the alert was new for his department, explaining: "This is the first for our agency where someone uses a Ring doorbell system to alert 911 and the homeowners."

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