Repulsed student finds rat head in his school dinner with teeth and nose

A school student was horrified to find a rat's head in his lunch in China.

The controversy began on June 1, when a student at the Jiangxi Industry Polytechnic College in the southeastern province of Jiangxi discovered something weird in his dish at the school canteen.

The student shared a video to his social media account where he picked up the dark hairy object with his chopsticks and complained to the canteen staff about what he had found.

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He loudly exclaimed that it was a rat's head but the canteen staff quickly tried to correct him, saying that it was actually a duck neck.

The schoolboy then turned the object to reveal the tiny white pieces in the middle and the shape of a nose above, as he asked: "Isn't this rat's teeth?"

The video went viral and caused a stir in China, where food safety has long been a major issue of public concern.

In response, the college issued a statement on June 3 claiming the object shown in the video was not a rat’s head, but a piece of duck neck, which is a popular delicacy in China.

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The statement said: “Our investigation found that the video was indeed shot at our school canteen but its content does not match the facts."

It added that the student had invited classmates to look at the object and confirmed it was duck neck, and had submitted a written clarification.

The local district’s market regulator had also sent law-enforcement officers to the canteen to investigate.

Chinese authorities have since tightened regulation and carried out periodic crackdowns, but food safety scandals, including in student canteens, have continued to make headlines and spark public outcries.

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