‘Real-life Mario Karters’ warned by cops after driving go-karts through streets

Two 'real-life Mario Karters' have been warned by police after they were spotted driving around streets in Worcestershire.

The youths were seen driving go-karts on public roads in Droitwich, with a photograph of the pesky pair causing a storm on social media after it was shared on Thursday night.

Many of the comments on the post by Spotted Droitwich's Facebook page compared the scene to classic Nintendo racing video game series Mario Kart.

West Mercia Police, however, took a dimmer view of the audacious stunt.

"These go-karts aren't road legal, various offences will have been committed, and it is endangering the people on the go-karts and also other motorists," said PC Richard Rees of the Droitwich West safer neighbourhood team.

"It is crazy. We have been asking around the Westlands estate to see if we can find out who it is.

"They look like professional karts, so I think someone will know who is riding them.

"They could easily be stored at someone's address, or someone has brought them along to drive, so someone will know something.

"It is no laughing matter. If anyone has any information who has been riding them on the road, get in contact with us."

Vehicles on UK roads must meet the appropriate breaking distances, include correct instruments such as lights and indicators, and have valid number plates, insurance and tax.

Engine must also be covered, and include a windscreen and windscreen wiper, mirrors, an exhaust or emission control system, and appropriate bumpers.

Anyone with information about the illegal go-karting should call Droitwich West Police on 101 or visit westmercia.police.uk..

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