Range Rover Mum launches merch inspired by Insulate Britain protest road rage

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A woman infamous for attempting to drive over the notorious Insulate Britain road-blocking protestors has started a new business venture off the back of the incident.

Mum Sherrilyn Speid from Grays, Essex, posted on Instagram that she was setting up a new website, and would be selling customised merchandise.

Under the name Range Rover Mum, the 34-year-old will be selling hoodies (£36.76), cropped hoodies (£25.82), mugs (£12.54), leggings (£33.19) and indoor cushions (various prices) all tagged with the RRM design.

Ms Speid made headlines in October when, at the height of the Insulate Britain road-blocking protests, she attempted to run over climate change activists – despite one of them apologising for being a "nuisance".

She was filmed telling them how she was trying to get her "son to school", but the road-blockers didn't move.

And now, capitalising on her "fame", Ms Speid – who is also a chef, according to her Instagram biography – is selling her new merchandise

However, while Instagram was largely non-plussed about the venture, Twitter users reacted with fury over the news.

@TollingtonLTN said: "@LandRoverUKPR @LandRover_UK You might want to check up on Range Rover Mum's exploitation of your trademark following her violent attack and abuse of peaceful protestors?"

And @adam4187 wrote: "Who’s going to buy that s***? Makes me laugh… lives in a terrace house and spends a fortune on a Range Rover every month. Priorities."

But others were more supportive, with @CraigCarson86 tweeting: "Good on her. Held up and made to look like the baddie by these tree-hugging b*******.

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"She's quite right to try to get something back from the whole thing!

"My only criticism is maybe she should have gone with RRM to avoid any headaches from Jaguar Land Rover's legal department."

Speaking to LADbible, Ms Speid said: "I actually didn't think of the merch myself, it was the public that asked me to make the merch.

"They come to me, messaged me, and they suggested it and they actually designed it as well.

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"My merch is based on empowerment, female empowerment. It's the raise aspirations and inspire people that even if you're a single mum you can still go out there and you can still set up businesses and make something of yourself."

The Daily Star has reached out to Jaguar Land Rover – the company behind the Range Rover car – for comment, and to find out whether or not Ms Speid sought the company's approval before making merchandise with its name on it.

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