Raging elephant tramples woman to death – then returns at funeral to maul corpse

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An elderly woman was trampled to death by a raging elephant which later turned up to her funeral to maul her corpse.

Maya Murmu, 70, was collecting water from a well in Raipal, a village in eastern India, on Thursday (June 9) when the horrific incident took place, according to the Press Trust of India.

The elephant had reportedly escaped from the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary in Jharkhand, some 124miles away.

The enraged beast stamped on Maya, inflicting catastrophic injuries. She was rushed to a nearby hospital but sadly died, Rasgovindpur police station inspector Lopamudra Nayak said.

Her devastated family held the funeral for Maya that same night.

While they were performing her last rights, the elephant returned and ripped her corpse from the funeral pyre.

Again, it stamped on her before tossing her around and fleeing.

Maya's family eventually managed to conduct her last rites a few hours later.

This comes after an extremely rare baby elephant twin tragically died of starvation amid a drought in Amboseli National Park, Kenya.

Twins are a very uncommon occurrence when elephants give birth, only accounting for around 1% of all births.

Elephant mothers rarely have enough milk to feed both calves when they give birth to twins, meaning that most of the time only one calf survives to adulthood.

In an emotional post on Facebook, Amboseli Trust said: "Both twins had been struggling for the past few months as they were not getting enough nutrition.

"The rains arrived late last year, leaving many young calves a little emaciated. Male calves are particularly vulnerable, since they have higher growth rates then that of females, leaving male calves more vulnerable during dry season or drought.

"It has always been our policy to only intervene when the cause of the problem is man-made, or if the family has abandoned a calf and they are not able to survive alone."

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