Queen’s granddaughter gets GCSE results – and here’s how Prince Harry did

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The Queen's granddaughter is receiving her GCSE results today — but how did the rest of the Royal Family do in their exams?

Lady Louise Windsor, 16, is the daughter of the Earl and Countess of Wessex and attends school in Ascot, Berkshire.

She, like thousands of others, was preparing to take her exams when schools closed in March at the start of the lockdown triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Like other students, her results will be based on her teachers' estimates, if higher than the controversial moderated grades.

It comes after the government performed an embarrassing U-turn following the debacle surrounding A-level results.

In an interview with the Sunday Times in June, Louise's mother Sophie said she hoped her daughter would go to university as she is "quite clever".

After hating his own time at school, Prince Charles sent sons William and Harry to Eton, where his oldest son did very well.

Attending the elite public school, Prince William left with 12 GCSEs and decided to stay on and take A-levels.

He left the prestigious school in Windsor with As in geography and history of art and a C in biology, earning him a place at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

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Prince Harry also attended Eton and got 11 GCSEs before going on to do A-levels as well.

He earned a B in art and a D in geography but decided university wasn't for him and instead decided to join the British Army.

Long before meeting her future husband, Kate Middleton attended Marlborough College in Wiltshire, one of the most successful private schools in the country.

She thrived at sports as well as academically, leaving with 11 GCSEs before getting As in her maths and art A-levels as well as a B in English.

Like William, she took a gap year before starting university before going to St Andrews where she met the prince.

She graduated in 2005 with a 2:1 in History of Art.

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Princess Beatrice got nine GCSEs including two A*s in history and drama when she took her exams.

She also achieved As in French and art and no grades lower than a B.

Sister Princess Eugenie scored two A*s, four As and three Bs at Marlborough College, attending a couple of years after Kate Middleton.

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As Meghan Markle was educated in the US, she obviously didn't do GCSEs, attending Immaculate Heart High School in California.

The future Duchess of Sussex was known as a hardworking and focused student, and also performed in theatrical productions.

It has not been reported what she got on her SATs – the test students take as an entry into university in the States – but went on to attend Northwestern University in Illinois.

She went on to gain a double major in Theatre and International Relations.

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Prince Charles had a different education to his sons and was sent to the strict Gordonstoun school in Scotland.

The Prince of Wales reportedly hated his time at the ultra-strict school, leaving with five O-levels – the earlier version of GCSEs – and two A-levels, a B in history and a C in French.

Despite his unremarkable results, he went on to Cambridge University where he achieved a 2:2 in history.

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The late Princess Diana struggled at school, failing all of her O-levels twice.

But she apparently excelled in deportment, attending finishing school in Switzerland where she learnt how to behave as an aristocratic woman.

The Queen, 93, has incredibly never sat an academic exam in her life, meaning she has no O-levels or A-levels to her name.

In her early childhood, she was taught by a governess every morning.

When her uncle, King Edward VIII abdicated in 1938, she started receiving lessons on constitutional history to prepare her for her future role.

Her biographer Professor Kate Williams told Good Housekeeping: "The Queen's father had disliked school and her mother thought it was more important to have fun.

"Unlike her father, the Queen was and is very bright and had an appetite for learning as well as a razor-sharp memory.

"The lack of formal education didn't harm her as shes naturally analytical and something of an autodidact, as well as being hard-working – which we know now is just as important as raw brainpower."

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