Queen showing Wills the ropes of being King with leader role, experts claim

Royal commentators have claimed that the increased number of outings Prince William is having with the Queen is evidence that she is preparing him for a role as monarch.

At the start of November, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will join Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Camilla at the COP26 global climate summit, taking place in Glasgow.

And with the Queen now 95, and soon to celebrate 70 years on the throne with her Platinum Jubilee celebrations next year, thoughts have begun to turn to the line of succession.

Charles is next in line to take over the role of monarch, but will eventually pass on the duty to William, and some experts have already noted that the Queen is giving Wills a "hands-on role" in royal decision making.

Now, royal commentators on the Royally Us podcast have claimed that the family’s trip to Scotland for the upcoming environmental conference is further evidence of this modern dynamic.

“This kind of goes to what we were saying before about how they are getting much more involved and doing a lot more outings with the Queen,” host Christina Garibaldi explained.

“And it seems like she’s really kind of showing him the ropes.”

The podcast’s other presenter Molly Mulshine agreed, suggesting: “It’s cool to see the whole family uniting in this way.

“It seems like the whole top five people in the Royal Family are going to be at this conference, and they’re all going to be giving speeches – or at least the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Charles are giving speeches.

“So they’re all taking a leadership position on this.”

This comes as William and Prince Charles have both been recently active in encouraging the public to take action on climate change.

The Duke of Cambridge’s Earthshot prize award ceremony, which celebrates unique methods of challenging climate change will take place on October 17, while the Duke of Wales has admitted he “totally supports” the radical Insulate Britain protests.

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