Putins tough guy warlord Ramzan Kadyrov ridiculed over push-ups on Russian TV

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    Valdmir Putin's notorious warlord Ramzan Kadyrov bizarrely tried to impress Russian TV viewers with some push-ups but ended up being ridiculed online for his efforts.

    His attempt at showing off his athletic prowess didn't exactly work out the way he expected with viewers of the clip slamming his poor technique.

    The warlord, who rose to power in 2007, allegedly utilises brutal governing tactics over his fiercely militaristic state apparatus that has waged several wars throughout his rule.

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    The 46-year-old has developed a reputation for using bloody solutions to his problems, including several boasts about his actions in Ukraine, but his hard man image was damaged on his recent TV appearance.

    During his showing on Russian TV, he attempted several push-ups, but lacked the proper technique. In a strange turn of events, spectators watched on as he failed to reach full extension.

    Consequently, the public have taken to Twitter to voice their opinion.

    One man said: "Those aren’t push-ups. He looks like he’s head-butting the floor. A push-up uses the whole of the upper body strength and should be done in a controlled way. These hard men leaders are pathetic."

    Another observer claimed: "These are all a 'no go' at US Army Airborne School.

    An American army colonel added: "As we say in the Marines…. 'Annnnd begin….1….1….1…..1.' He's still stuck on one pushup."

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    Over the years, Kadyrov developed a 'celebrity-like' persona with the controversial figure having a massive interest in combat sports.

    Back in 2016, while training for his world title bout against Ruslan Chagaev in Chechnya, Australian heavyweight, Lucas Browne, encountered the notorious warlord.

    The boxer toldSporting News: "He's basically a big child – that's how I'd describe him.

    "Anything he did, everyone was like 'yeah, that's the greatest thing we've ever seen.' So, he did all his stuff, and we took a photo, and he basically just went 'bang' and punched me in the stomach as hard as he could. I wasn't ready for it.

    "I asked my minder – my armed guard – 'if I had done anything, what would've happened?'

    "He goes, 'we'd shoot you.'"

    In addition, Bleacher Report also claims that he enjoys working relationships with MMA stars, including Jon Jones, Tyron Woodley, Carlos Condit and Jorge Masvidal. Furthermore, he's reportedly held parties attended by Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather.

    However, just because he mixes with fighters, doesn't mean he shares their athleticism.

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