Putins potential ill health highlighted by three signs – body language expert

There were several signs that Vladimir Putin's health may be failing during his Victory Day speech on Monday (May 9), a body language expert has claimed.

The Russian President was spotted with a blanket over his legs, something that none of the other Kremlin dignitaries deemed necessary for themselves in the 9C Moscow weather.

The 69-year-old was also seen coughing, adding further to the rumours of his ill health which have ranged from Parkinson's disease to cancer amid his invasion of Ukraine.

Putin's 11-minute speech marked his first major televised address since March 18, as Russian military chiefs came together to celebrate the 77th anniversary of victory over the Nazis in World War Two.

Mike Carter, a body language expert, watched it and noted three points in the President's posture that could be signs of discomfort or pain, the first being his breathing.

Mr Carter told the Daily Mirror: "His breathing is very shallow which could be some kind of pain he is enduring. We hold our breath when something mentally isn't right."

He added that this could mean he was short of breath, another indication something may be wrong.

In a separate analysis, Mr Carter explained how Putin rocking back and forth could also signal "agitation" or a health problem.

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He said: "The constant rocking could be a health issue and that he's worried he might fall over. He rooted himself behind the lectern and that could be for medical reasons."

Mr Carter went on to highlight that Putin stood with his feet wide apart in a "power stance", which could also be to prevent him "from falling over".

This comes as Putin is alleged to be due to undergo surgery, possibly for cancer, according to supposed leaks from within the Kremlin.

Telegram channel General SVR – allegedly run by an ex-Russian Foreign Intelligence Service lieutenant general – said the despot has been informed by doctors that the op will incapacitate him "for a short time".

He will supposedly need to hand over the reins of power to an aide for a brief period.

There has been no official confirmation in relation to Putin being in ill health.

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