Putins officials raging after Crimean bridge blown up using Ukrainian drones

Ukraine's security service and naval forces had "some kind of involvement" in the blowing up of the Crimean bridge, it has been reported.

And according to both Ukrainska Pravda and RBC-Ukraine, it was Ukrainian drones that blew it up.

Two people died following the explosion on the major bridge linking Russia with Crimea in the early hours of this morning (July 17), and it led to officials warning against anyone entering the area.

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And while Ukraine has yet to take official responsibility for the attack, it is being reported that they were, in fact, behind it.

Russia’s Ministry of Transport has confirmed that there is damage to the road on the Crimean side of the bridge.

“The ministry stressed that the inspection of the bridge’s condition is ongoing,” TASS wrote on its Telegram channel.

And Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: "We know the cause, we know those behind this terror attack.

"This will demand composure from all of us, as well as additional measures, additional work."

However, the two Ukrainian outlets have published comments from sources claiming Ukraine was responsible.

A source from the Security Services told RBC: “The bridge was attacked with the help of surface drones.

“It was difficult to reach the bridge, but in the end it was done.”

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And the official SBU statement confused many.

They said, in what is being reported as sarcasm: “Nightingale, my brother, the bridge went to 'sleep' again.

“Yes, once… Two!

“PS Music – folk.

“Words – SBU.”

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According to comments reportedly from a Ukrainska Pravda source in Russia: “The SBU and the Naval Forces of Ukraine were involved in the night undermining of the Crimean bridge.

The bridge, Russian media claims, was being guarded by fighter jets from above and divers on “combat dolphins” from underneath.

It also has heavily armed scanners at either end to guard from attacks – but it now appears that drones managed to get through the security and went undetected.

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