Putins nuke threat is admission he’s losing as blast destroys land he wants

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Despotic Russian President Vladimir Putin's threats of nuclear war towards Europe have been described as “lame” by a leading defence expert.

In a worrying speech this morning, the Russian dictator announced that new recruits would be sent off to war as early as today, with the partial mobilisation decree having already been signed.

And in what appeared to be a major threat to the West, the Russian President suggested he was willing to launch nuclear strikes in response to attacks on his territory.

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The warmonger claimed Russia had "lots of weapons to reply" to apparent "nuclear blackmail" by the West, announcing he would use "all means necessary" against the those trying to "subjugate" the nation, including "neo-nazis" in Ukraine.

As his speech came to an end he added: "I'm not bluffing."

"That's why I asked the ministry of defence to agree to 'partial mobilisation,'" he said.

But world-renowned defence expert Professor Anthony Glees has slammed the claims from Putin.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, the University of Buckingham professor said: “It's just threats, threats, threats.

“Putin is a KGB man and making threats was the KGB's stock in trade – they were past masters at it.

“He can't carry out a nuclear attack in the area as you don’t send your soldiers into radioactive territory.

“Chernobyl is just down the road and lives on in people’s memories.

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“Putin's soldiers are being routed as it is, which is why he's increased penalties for desertion

“His lame threats are an admission he’s losing, and his threat of nuclear weapons is ridiculous as a radioactive wind will destroy the very thing he claims to want – Russians get this.”

Professor Glees also explained that the actions taken by NATO and some European countries, which is mainly to provide money and defensive weapons – as well as sanctions towards Russian oligarchs – is the “right thing”.

He also called on lessons from Russia's history, specifically when former premier of the Soviet Union Nikita Khruschev failed in his bid to beat the United States in a battle around Cuba – also known as the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

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He added: “We need to carry on supplying Ukraine with NATO weapons, they and the spirit of the Ukraine armed forces are winning.

“They got rid of Khrushchev after he failed over Cuba and Putin knows this – they'll get rid of him if we keep up the pressure.

“Putin isn't suicidal, he loves the trappings of power.

“We're doing exactly the right thing and need to keep hammering him."

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