Putins farcical military exposed: Russia fails to take down tiny drone in navy HQ blast

Russian forces FAIL to take down drone that hit Black Sea Fleet HQ

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Russia’s elite Black Sea fleet headquarters at Sevastopol came under attack from a Ukranian drone this morning. Footage posted on social media shows a tiny unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flying through the skies of Sevastopol before hitting the Russian Navy headquarters. Viewers and experts were left bemused about how the drone managed to evade the air defenses in Crimea.

Video clips revealed the sound of gunfire trying and failing to take down the drone, raising questions over Russia’s defences.

Rob Lee, a senior fellow at Foreign Policy Research Institute, tweeted clips of the attack, adding: “Sounds as though Russian air defenses tried to engage the UAV.

“You can hear gunfire in the background of this video from Sevastopol.

“Russian officials are claiming the UAV was shot down and that it landed on the roof of the Black Sea Fleet’s headquarters, which doesn’t sound like that much of a victory.”

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Viewers ridiculed the Russian military after footage emerged from the attack, with @political_pilot tweeting: “I’m sorry but this video is so fun.

“A tiny little drone is coming in slower than a 172 and Russia bullets are going everywhere but on it goes. Farcical.”

@SnelgarBryce responded: “So most likely running out of air defence systems or simply no ammo for currents ones. Interesting.”

@greywolf2320 noted: “That’s small arms fire, not air defense.”

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The Russian-installed governor, Mikhail Razvozhayev, immediately sought to downplay the seriousness of the incident.

He initially claimed the drone flew into the airbase’s roof after Russian troops were unable to shoot it down but he later insisted that the drone had fallen onto the airbase roof after being hit.

He wrote on Telegram: “Clarification: the drone was hit. Right above the fleet headquarters. It fell on the roof and caught fire. The attack failed. Well done boys.”


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However, Mr Razvozhayev was met with outrage from terrified locals online.

Many questioned how a commercial drone had sneaked past air defences that were once regarded as “the most sophisticated in the world”.

According to The Guardian, one local asked the governor on social media: “Was our air defence system on a lunch break?”

Another person said “We fought harder against the coronavirus! There were checkposts everywhere then, now anyone and everyone enters!!!!”


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