Putin pressuring soldiers to deliver victory by May 9 in time for a Red Square parade

Russia: Putin 'facing pressure to secure victory' says Heappey

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Armed forces minister James Heappey has warned Russia is ramping up its military offensive in hopes of claiming victory by May 9. He revealed that President Vladimir Putin is set to lose “thousands more” soldiers if he pushes ahead with plans. Russia’s defence ministry said its missiles destroyed six facilities powering the railways that were used to deliver foreign weapons to Ukrainian forces in the eastern Donbas region.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Heappey said: “The Russian plan has been defined by incredibly hubris, massive political interference in military plan-making and we’re seeing exactly the same now.

“There is pressure from Moscow to deliver a victory by May 9 so that Putin can have a nice parade through Red Square.

“Even though that makes no military sense.

“The weather in the Donbas over the last week or so has been absolutely awful so driving the Russian army to launch an offensive now simply so Putin can have a nice day in the sun on May 9 is just going to cost Russia thousands more lives.

“Now if you’re on the side of the Ukrainians and you want the Ukrainians to succeed in defending their territory that Russian hubris is a massive advantage for Ukraine.”

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