Putin nuke strike on Britain would starve 90% of us with Argentina best hope

With Russia ramping up its threats to unleash nuclear war on the UK, scientists have said that making moves to live on the other side of the planet might be the safest option.

Since despotic President Vladimir Putin first ordered his troops to invade Ukraine in February, he has used the threat of nuclear warfare on several occasions.

And a new study, involving complex computer simulations using 100 nuclear bombs in various locations, has shown that Brits should consider fleeing to Argentina.

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According to the study, published in Nature Food and written by Professor Alan Robock from Rutgers University in New Jersey, should, such a devastating attack happen, there would be a 90% chance of starving to death for those who remained in Britain.

Full scale conflict would likely see five billion people die of hunger, due to soot thrown up by firestorms blocking out the sun and causing crop falure.

The safest places would be Australia and Argentina, which would likely still have enough food for them to live on as they already grow more resistant crops, such as wheat, in large quantities.

He said: “There still would be enough domestic production for them, but you can imagine there will be flotillas of hungry refugees from Asia on their way there.

“So it wouldn’t be necessarily peaches and cream just for Australia. The threat of using nuclear weapons to deter an attack is the threat of a suicide bomber.

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“Because if you use them, everybody in your country will starve to death.”

If nuclear war was to break out, cities like London are the most likely to be targeted.

But how would the capital be affected?

Nuke Map, created by Alex Wellerstein, a nuclear historian at the Stevens Institute of Technology, allows you to see just that.

It shows the nuclear fallout if some of the most notorious bombs were to hit the city, as well as the number of people injured and likely casualties.

The Tsar Bomba, the largest USSR bomb ever tested, would not only wipe out London, but parts of its neighbouring counties too. Part of the blast would even effect Norwich.

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In total, 5,778,950 people would be killed and a further 3,420,670 injured.

The USSR designed a second Tsar Bomba, although it was never made.

Not ones who liked being topped by the Americans, the bomb has a yield of 10,000 kilotons. If this was dropped over London, the blast range wouldn't reach as far as Denmark, and it would wipe out London and most of the South.

The number of people who would likely die is far greater too, with 5,920,060 estimated fatalities.

A whopping 6,052,200 would also be injured.

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