Putin horror: Russian soldiers found dead and rotting as onslaught continues in Ukraine

Russian soldiers loot Ukrainian store

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The bodies of Russian troops laid slumped in blown-open dugouts in the village of Mala Rohan, east of Kharkiv during the three-day battle in the village.

Russian troops in T-72 tanks had dug into a treeline just two miles outside the country’s second-largest city of Kharkiv.

They took the ridgeline just days into the invasion on February 26 and stayed there for a month before Ukraine’s forces launched a counter-attack and gained back control of the area.

Ukrainians said the Russian troops, who were young and underfed, looted nearby furniture stores for rolls of carpet to line their bunkers with, reported The Sun.

One local farmer said the Russian troops had stolen as many as 140 cows, pigs and lambs, while another said they looted local supermarkets using shopping trolleys.

According to a reporter on the ground, Russian uniforms could be seen lying around the area, while empty rockets and burnt-out tanks remained at the demolished scene.

Ukrainian sources are said to have told the Sun reporters that there were no Russian survivors.

The troops had dug shallow grave-like shelters to protect themselves from the Ukrainian counterattack, while other larger bunkers were held up by sandbag walls and were covered in branches and earth.

However, most of the roofs of the bunkers had been blown off revealing dead Russian soldiers inside, according to the reporters.

Other bodies could be seen lying face down in the dirt in bunkers dug by the Russian troops.

Army boots, tubes of shaving foam, a credit card and medical kit instructions were also found lying on the ground believed to have belonged to the deceased Russian soldiers.

Ukraine’s reclaiming of Mala Rohan has forced Russia to retreat and withdraw its forces from the area.

However, Russia continues to devastate the city of Kharkiv and holds positions just a few miles from the city’s ring road.

An eight-mile Russian convoy was also seen moving south through Velykyi Burluk, around 40 miles east of Kharkiv, believed to heading towards Donbas to join the assault.

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Thousands of residents have fleed the city amid fears the next phase of the war in the east is going to be bloody and could decide the outcome of the conflict.

It comes amid increasing fears Russia’s forces could unleash chemical weapons in the city as it moves troops into the region.

According to the Russian defence ministry, 1,026 soldiers of Ukraine’s 36th marine brigade have surrendered in Mariupol, including 162 officers.

In a statement, the ministry said: “In the town of Mariupol, near the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, as a result of successful offensives by Russian armed forces and Donetsk People’s Republic militia units, 1,026 Ukrainian soldiers of the 36th Marine Brigade voluntarily laid down arms and surrendered”.

It comes after US President Joe Biden accuses Vladimir Putin of genocide in Ukraine, saying the Russian leader is “trying to wipe out the idea of even being Ukrainian”.

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