Putin decides end date for Ukraine war with troops told they must win by then

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Russian troops have been told to “make sure” the invasion into Ukraine is over by May 9 – a date of historical importance in Russia.

The claim has come from a member of the general staff of the armed forces of Ukraine, according to Russian news outlet Pravda News.

They quote a source as saying: "According to the available information, there is an ongoing propaganda campaign among the personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation which seeks to impose the idea that the war has to end by May 9, 2022.

“Despite significant losses and demoralised personnel, the military and political authorities of the Russian Federation are still not rejecting the possibility of continuing to wage the war against Ukraine.

“Violating the rules of war, the occupying troops are destroying the infrastructure of peaceful cities and villages.

“Most medical establishments located on the Russian side of the border with Ukraine, near the border, are occupied by wounded soldiers of the Russian army.

“Russian troops are also attempting to restore the combat capabilities of its airborne troops.”

For Russians, May 9 is an historically significant date.

A national holiday is held every year on that date to celebrate the end of the Second World War – and, in Russia, it is when they claim sole, or Soviet, victory over the Nazis.

The day usually sees a huge military parade held in Moscow, and the country joins forces with former members of the Soviet Union, plus Israel and Serbia.

This ties in with the Russian narrative of trying to “rid Ukraine of neo-Nazis”.

Expert Thomas Graham told Newsweek: “One of the great Russian triumphs of the last century was the victory over Nazi Germany, which came at tremendous sacrifice by the Soviet people.

“So Putin is trying to sort of recycle this anti-Nazi narrative to appeal to a very strong emotion as a way of rattling support for what he's doing.”

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