Putin branded a traitor who murdered my son by Russian conscripts dad

A grieving father who lost his conscripted son in the war in Ukraine has accused Vladimir Putin of being a traitor to Russia in an astonishing rant.

Dmitry Shkrebets, 44, has baited the FSB secret service to arrest him for claiming the Kremlin dictator “betrayed” him. He also accused Russian commanders of “murdering” his son by their ineptitude and rule-breaking.

The devastated dad lost his son Yevgeny, 20, on the Moskva cruiser which was sunk by Ukrainian missiles.

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But he has gone ballistic over Putin’s sham meeting with “mothers” and his avoidance of parents who have suffered untold grief in the war.

He posted on social media: “Mr President, let me introduce you to the mothers and fathers of the killed soldiers and sailors.

“You have not seen REAL mothers and fathers! Why are you putting on this cheap show?”

The grieving dad blasted: “Putin is no longer my president “I do not believe this man, he betrayed me.

“I consider him a hypocrite and a traitor to my Motherland. So print it out in your newspapers.

“I am waiting for representatives of the Investigative Committee [Russian FBI].

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“Come, guys, [give a summons] to the father of a murdered son [caused by] the incompetent leadership of your superiors…

“FSB and Investigative Committee – do you still have honest officers there?

“Shame on the Motherland.”

He challenged the military leadership to appear on TV confronted by parents of those who have perished.

“Trust me, it would be an unforgettable sight,” he said.

“I don’t think about meeting with the president. He doesn’t give a damn about us – people who want to convey the reality to him….

“I am waiting for a worthy person in the next elections in Russia, for whom I can cast my vote.”

His son was on the Moskva – flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet – despite a Putin promise that conscripts would not be sent to the war zone.

The vessel sank on April 14, 2022.

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For months the father has demanded proper dialogue with commanders over the sinking.

Yevgeny was one of 17 who Russia has admitted died in the sinking which led to Putin firing the fleet’s commander Vice Admiral Igor Osipov.

The bereaved father’s outburst could land him in legal trouble and even jail, and he has previously faced FSB harassment after accusing Putin of “lying”.

He spoke out ahead of draconian new laws coming into effect on December 1 which appear to prevent almost all discussion about the war and the deployment of Russian forces.

It will prevent the Council of Mothers and Wavies – a new campaigning organisation – publicly demanding the return of their ill-trained and badly equipped men from the war zone.

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A statement from the council said that the new laws “will prohibit us – mothers and wives – from voicing all violations concerning the mobilised and conscript”.

“Neither the fighters themselves nor their relatives will be able to demand that their rights to proper equipment and provision with everything necessary be respected.”

The council warned: “Any crimes such as theft, negligence, leaving the…soldiers to their fate…can go unpunished and hidden from the people due to the fact that now it is simply forbidden by law to [discuss] them.”

Today it was revealed that the council’s VK social media account had been blocked as Putin’s regime gag’s the organisation which has led protests over his shambolic mobilisation campaign and the use of keen as cannon fodder.

Yet there are signs that Russians are becoming more vocal over the war, despite the dire risks in speaking out.

Western estimates say Putin's war has led to the death and wounding of more than 100,000 Russian servicemen.

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