Puppy dog with birth defect desperate for new home after being stood up

An adorable puppy with a birth defect is looking for a forever home after being stood up by a family.

Jack, an American Bully, lives in a rescue shelter in Ohio, US.

He has a condition known as spina bifida, a birth defect which occurs when the spine and spinal cord don’t form properly.

The nine-month-old dog had been due to meet a potential new owner who had expressed an interest in adopting him.

But his hopes were dashed when the person failed to show up on January 22, Peaches Bully Rescue shelter said.

The shelter launched an appeal to find a home for the pooch after he was stood up, which quickly went viral.

Hundreds of people have now applied to adopt Jack, who has club feet and has had multiple operations.

In its Facebook appeal, the shelter wrote: “Jack was very sad when his meet and greet person was a no show, no call.

“He had a bath, got his fancy harness on, had a fresh diaper, and a dedicated foster team that drove 40 mins each way just to end in huge disappointment.

"Obviously, that wasn’t his family.”

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He was given a new toy to forget the experience, it added.

The post went on: “Your family will come sweet boy and when they do, they will be perfect.

“Respect that we are all volunteers and just trying to give this guy his best chance.

“Not showing up or calling is bad form.”

More than 19,000 social media users have since shared the post, which has been commented on thousands of times.

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The organisation says it has received more than 600 inquiries and 200 applications to adopt the dog.

Money and gifts have also been flowing in for the dogs at its shelter.

The shelter has also received messages from countries across the world including the UK, Australia, the US, Singapore and Germany.

In a follow-up post, it wrote: “Jack and our team are so touched by the immense support and networking that this community has done.

“We have received over 600 inquiries and 200 applications for adoption which we are processing.

“Jack’s post has reached over 3 million people.”

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