Pumps wont cool! Urgent nuclear warning after Russia sparks total blackout at Chernobyl

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Energoatom have issued a nuclear warning after the power line between Kyiv and Chernobyl was disconnected amid the Russian invasion.

Without power, nuclear fuel stored at the site could heat up and emit radiation into the sky. 

Energoatom add that the wind could then carry this radiation across Ukraine and the rest of Europe.

Energoatom wrote on Telegram: “The 750 kV Chernobyl-Kyiv high-voltage line is currently disconnected due to damage by the occupiers.

“Thus, the Chornobyl station and all nuclear facilities of the Exclusion Zone were left without electricity. About 20,000 spent fuel assemblies are stored at the spent nuclear fuel storage facility – 1.

“They need constant cooling. Which is possible only if there is electricity. If it is not there, the pumps will not cool.”

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