Pubs ‘to shut at 9pm’ if coronavirus infections don’t slow and ‘rule of 6’ fails

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Pubs and bars in the UK could be hit with a 9pm curfew if coronavirus cases do not start falling within the next few weeks.

In the latest blow to the hospitality sector, punters may have to head home after 9pm if Covid-19 cases don’t fall under the Rule of Six clampdown.

A government minister has reportedly The Sun an extra meeting of the “Covid Gold Command” will meet on Tuesday to discuss the virus.

Doctors and ministers will meet to discuss creeping infection figures, with a government source telling the publication “curfew is hurtling up the agenda."

Curfew is reportedly considered a "tool in the armoury actively under consideration" but the minster said officials were keen to "give the 'Rule of Six' time to have an effect."

The move would not be welcomed by the Treasure, who are under pressure to extend the furlough scheme as Brits in the hospitality industry are still struggling.

Firms have had to cut labour in half, and mass redundancies are rife as businesses continue to feel the effect of coronavirus.

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Greg Mulholland from the British Pubs Confederation (BPC) said this move could be catastrophic for pubs who are "scarcely profitable" at the moment.

He told The Sun the industry will "need a massive level of support" through "grants and extended furlough" and the "government risk destroying the Great British pub" if this is implemented.

Mr Mulholland said: "Most pubs are just about getting by and are scarcely profitable.

"If this happens the industry will need a massive level of support, through grants and extended furlough.

"Pubs have been diligently following the rules, making sure people santise and social distance, and that will be the same at 6pm, 9pm or 11pm.

"These proposals are unacceptable and if implemented the government risks destroying the Great British pub."

Restrictions on the hospitality industry have already been put in place in localised towns in the UK such as Bolton.

Despite the risk of large gatherings of young people, the government have said they would like to see if the Rule of Six manages to curb the rise.

The Rule of Six was implemented by Boris Johnson on Monday and limits Brits to socialising with no more than 6 people at one time.

Previously, Brits had been allowed to meet in an indoor or outdoor setting with an upper limit only imposed on events.

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The government have also come under criticism for the Eat Out To Help Out scheme that Rishi Sunak launched in August.

Eat Out To Help Out encouraged Brits to get out of their homes and back into their local pub or restaurants to dine out.

Under the scheme, people got 50% off of the bill, which would the government would then give back to the hospitality sector.

The scheme was hugely popular by people of all ages but Justice Secretary Robert Buckland told Sky's Sophy Ridge he believes young people were "enjoying themselves sometimes a bit too much."

He said: "I think there's an issue about social occasions and social events and particularly young people getting together and enjoying themselves sometimes a bit too much and forgetting the importance of the rules.

"I think it would be idle of me to speculate as to what measures we might have to bring in as we approach the winter."

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