Pub customers alarmed after beaver walks into bar before hiding in smoking area

Punters at a quiet countryside pub were stunned when an actual beaver strolled into the bar, had a look at the guest ales and then hid beneath the smoking shelter.

The strange incident happened on Monday evening (July 25) the Yew Tree Pub in Norton Canes with the rodent making itself very much at home during the hectic service

Volunteers from a local wildlife sanctuary were soon called to the scene where they found the furry lad casually "lying on its back washing itself" in the beer garden as if it'd had too many lagers.

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The beaver, which we've nicknamed Estrella Dam (beavers build dams), was eventually enticed into a cage before being checked over by a vet where it was found to be healthy.

Lindsay Newell, from Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue, then worked with Natural England and Staffordshire Wildlife Trust to transfer it to a specialist centre.

She said she didn't believe the call at first and thought people had mistaken the beaver for an otter as they are rarely, if ever, found in the densely-populated Midlands areas.

Lindsay added: "When one of our volunteers got there, lo and behold there was a massive beaver just casually sitting in the beer garden underneath chairs in the smoking shelter.

"We were a bit surprised to hear it was a beaver as we've never seen one up close and were struggling to believe a beaver would actually walk into a pub.

"But it didn't seem to mind being there at all. He was relaxing on his back and giving himself a wash.

"It is certainly the first time we have been called out to rescue a beaver. They have been reintroduced in other parts of Britain but no the West Midlands to my knowledge.

"Locals were joking that maybe he had been looking for a pint of Beavertown Neck Oil."

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It was announced last year that beavers were to be reintroduced at various sites across England and Wales after 400 years of extinction.

And the government revealed this week that from October beavers are to be legally protected in England from being captured, killed, injured or disturbed without a licence.

The first wild beavers were released in Scotland in 2009 before wildlife trusts in England followed suit and there are now thought to be as many as 800 in the wild.


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