‘Psychic’ pig set to predict England’s path to Euros glory by sniffing food

England's Euro 2020 glory bid could be ham-bushed by a psychic pig.

Suzie the 15st porker has a snout for soccer – and she predicts match results by choosing from two identical food boxes.

She will be asked to sniff out the outcome of the Three Lions’ matches in next month’s tournament.

Sadly for skipper Harry Kane, Suzie’s favourite grub is croissants, which could be an omen that England’s arch rivals France will bring home the bacon.

Hugh Stolliday, Suzie’s owner at Ouseburn Farm, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, said: “She’s a very intelligent pig… so sniffing out the winner of the Euros should be no problem.

“Before every Eng-land game we will give her a taste test to choose which one of two food boxes she wants to eat from.

“One will carry England’s name, the other their opponent’s.

“Whichever Suzie goes for will be her favourite to win.”

She will be making her first prediction on June 10 ahead of England’s opener against Croatia.

Suzie will become the latest psychic animal which has make football forecasts after camels, meerkats and Paul the octopus at the 2010 World Cup.

It comes after a psychic who foresaw events ranging from the Sichuan earthquake to last February’s Black Cab protest in Parliament Square unveiled his predictions for 2020, including major glory for the England footie team.

Nicolas Aujula says he has lived many lives – including incarnations as an Egyptian queen and as a lion.

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And now, in this life he works as a past life regression therapist and hypnotherapist. But he has a fascinating sideline foretelling the future.

He has revealed a huge range of prophecies, covering the world of politics, sport and show business. He says, for example, Donald Trump will lose the 2020 presidential election.

Nicolas says the knowledge comes to him in different ways: ”Some of the visions I have are through dreams, and others just hit when I am walking around.

"The dreams are the strongest, though, as that's when you're conked out. The logical side of your brain is switched off, giving more room to your intuitive side."

The psychic said he has possessed a mystic gift since he was a child, and would often sense his dad, who tragically died when he was a baby.

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After having an "out-of-body experience" as a teenager, he scrapped plans to read History and Economics at university – and instead chose to train as a past life regression therapist.

Nicolas claims his visions have helped him predict major world events – with his 2019 predictions envisaging earthquakes in China and Cuba, a mass London cabbie strike, a scandal involving a public figure named Justin and Taylor Swift's engagement.

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He said: "When I look back at 2019, the things I said at the start compared with events that happened throughout are quite eye-opening.

"For example, on June 17, months after my vision, there was a severe earthquake in Southern China where 13 people died."

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