Princess Margarets secret child claims Queens sister hid bump with actress

King Charles III's self-professed 'secret son' is not the only man who has laid a wild claim to being illegitimate royal offspring.

Determined Robert Brown has made it his personal quest to prove the Queen's sister, Princess Margaret is his mother and now he has won a High Court legal battle to see the contents of her will.

Accountant Mr Brown, who was born in Kenya, has splurged a cool £100,000 in his attempt to verify his belief that the King's aunt secretly gave birth to him on or around January 5, 1955.

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The 58-year-old even claims that Princess Margaret hired body doubles to hide her pregnancy from the world during the final months before giving birth to Robert.

His upbringing in Kenya was the result of the royal sending him off across the world to be raised by well-connected couple, Cynthia and Douglas Brown.

Margaret, who died in 2002, would have been unmarried and getting over her fling with divorcee Group Captain Peter Townsend, at the time of Robert's birth.

The accountant says getting hold of Margaret's will could expose the apparent truth of his parentage.

Royal wills have been top secret since 1911 when Queen Mary wanted her younger brother, Prince Francis of Teck to have his sealed so no one knew he left jewellery to a mistress.

Robert has been given the green light to appeal in the High Court to see the will of the Queen’s sister.

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Robert's fixation on the idea that Princess Margaret is his birth mother originates with a meeting as a young boy in Kenya, with a woman he claims to have been her.

The Princess paid an official visit to the African country in 1956 when he would have been still a matter of 12-months-old.

Mr Brown recalled: "This woman told me to stand on a tree-trunk and repeat: 'I’m the king of the castle, you’re the dirty rascal,' again and again. It was meant to be fun, but it wasn’t. There was a poignant subtext to it.

"I had a gut feeling that there was a royal connection, even though my logical side said there must be some other explanation."

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He adds that a detached relationship with his mother Cynthia, compared to that between her and his brother William, gives further weight to his theory.

On the other side of the globe, Simon Charles Dorante-Day insists that he is the son of the royal couple, conceived long before they got married, and has even asked for a DNA test to prove his outlandish claim.

His remarkable claims have seen him occupy space in the headlines for years and now, following the death of Her Majesty the Queen, he is keen to push forward with proving his heritage.


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