Princess Dianas influence will only die out once George is king, expert says

The influence of the-late Princess Diana on the Royal Family will only stop once Prince George is king, an expert has claimed.

Despite being killed in car accident in 1997, her legacy lives on in the Royal lineage with her son Prince William set to take the role of king after his father Prince Charles.

Young Prince George will take on the mantle after that – at which point her influence will stop, according to expert Katie Nicholl.

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They Royal Correspondent for Vanity Fair, told Australian news outlet 9Honey: “I remember being told by a very senior Palace courtier that probably the memory of Diana will really only die out when George is on the throne.

“As long as William is there, even as an older man, as an older king, the fruits of his labour, such as work that he will do, the king that he will be is going to be…the influence of Diana, the influence that she had on him from such an early age and throughout his adulthood is there.

“You can’t deny it.”

Meanwhile, fellow expert Kinsey Schofield reckons that should Prince Harry have been the one to take on the role of future king, he would have been more like Diana.

Speaking on her own To Di For Daily podcast, she said: “Sometimes it feels like Prince Harry’s actions lean more towards that Spencer blood.”

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Even though Princess Diana never met her grandson, who is now aged nine, he has still written her a Mother's Day in the past.

The message he wrote, which was shared by his father the Duke of Cambridge on social media, was: “Dear Granny Diana, Happy happy Mother’s Day.

“I love you very much and think of you always.

“Sending lots of love from George xxxxx.”

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