Princess Charlottes strict bedtime routine that involves no messing

Being a famous child doesn't get away from the fact that you are still, crucially, a child.

And, like children the world over, famous children still have to follow the rules their parent or guardian sets for them.

Enter three of the world’s most famous: Princes George, Louis and Princess Charlotte, who turns seven years old today (May 2).

It turns out even these adored siblings have rules to follow, particularly when it comes to bedtime.

Mum and dad, Kate and Wills, have reportedly done as much as possible to ensure their kids get a normal childhood – and that means routine and discipline feature in the same way it would for any small person.

Future king George, eight, Charlotte, and four-year-old Louis have a firm guideline when it comes to bedtime with the routine maintained by their nanny.

Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo has been with the family since before George’s first birthday.

She’s a graduate of the world-renowned Norland Nanny School in Bath, and wears the iconic brown uniform as evidence.

Heralding from Palencia, Spain, she is one of the many childcare professionals from the school known for looking after the offspring of some of the richest and most famous families out there.

George, Charlotte and Louis’ bedtime routine

All kids need sleep to maintain their normal behaviour. But a lack of sleep for the famous trio could mean difficult behaviour caught in the camera lens.

Because of this, there is little room for error for the little royals.

Speaking to the Sun, Norland Nanny expert Louise Heren said: “There will be no messing.

“That’s because Maria will be aware that as they step off planes, holding Mum’s hands, smiling and waving to the crowds, there can’t be any crying or terrible twos or tantrums.”

All three kids have their bedtimes set for 7pm and both William and Kate are said to make sure they get home in time to say goodnight.

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Getting the kids into bed can be tough, taking up a lot of time and energy as kids try every trick in the book to stretch out the day. But it seems Prince William has a trick of his own to get his little ones down.

Speaking in south Wales, Wills gave an insight into a particular book that helps get the little royals off to sleep.

He told the story when chatting with some parents at an ice cream joint after he noticed some kids reading a particular book – Room On The Broom.

He then shared with the parents: “I read this to our children all the time.”

The book is one weapon in the bedtime arsenal, helping him get the kids off to sleep on multiple occasions.

He met the author, Julia Donaldson, when she received a CBE for services to literature.

Speaking to Hello! magazine, he joked: “I said, ‘do you realise how many parents you have saved at bedtime?’"

Donaldson is also the author of hit children's books The Gruffalo and Superworm.

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