Princess Annes English Bull Terrier mauls screaming dog on Boxing Day hunt

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    Princess Anne's dog is said to have drawn "blood" and caused "screaming" after allegedly mauling another pooch during a royal shoot.

    The Princess Royal is a fan of English Bull Terriers but according to a palace insider to The Sun, one of her dogs has attacked another during the family gathering.

    Claims that the dog of Princess Anne attacked that of a dog owned by a gamekeepers have since been aired, with the pheasant shoot turning into a "frenzy".

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    The claims also revealed that Princess Anne's dog had allegedly drawn "a lot of blood" as it sank teeth into another pooch.

    The alleged dog fight appears to have had no casualties, with the insider confirming that the animal survived, but the attack itself left a lot of people at the event rather worried.

    On top of the terrifying amount of blood caused by the "frenzy", there had also been "a lot of screaming" at the Norfolk estate on Boxing Day last year.

    The insider, speaking to The Sun, said: "The Boxing Day shoot’s a huge family affair so Anne took along her dog. It ran across the field straight at the gamekeeper’s dog and latched on to its ear.

    "The Bull Terrier really went at it in a frenzy. It took a while to get the dog off the ear because it had really sunk its teeth in.

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    "Everyone was OK in the end but the atmosphere was extremely tense afterwards for some time. A good few people questioned what if it had been Charlotte or George or any of the children instead of another dog?"

    It is not the first time Princess Anne has found herself in potentially hot water due to the actions of her pet pooches, with a court case levelling a dangerous dogs act at her in 2002.

    Pleading guilty back in 2002, the Princess Royal's dog, named Dotty appeared to have bitten two children.

    Buckingham Palace have been contacted regarding the recent alleged dog attack.

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