Prince William appears to be booed in unexpected moment at FA Cup Final

Prince William appears to have been booed by crowds as he shook hands with players ahead of the kick-off between Chelsea and Liverpool at Wembley Stadium today (May 14).

A clip from the BBC coverage has quickly circulated across social media, with many football fans reacting in utter shock, while others supported the extreme reaction.

Meghan Markle biographer Omid Scobie shared the clip on Twitter earlier this afternoon.

He tweeted: “An unexpected moment at today's #FACupFinal, where Liverpool fans booed Prince William and National Anthem.

“My understanding (correct me if I'm wrong, Twitter) is that it's still felt there was an establishment cover-up over the Hillsborough disaster and getting justice for it.”

Reports are claiming that Liverpool fans disrupted Abide with Me, jeered William's introduction and booed during the National Anthem at Wembley.

Twitter user therealboycee shared: “A fairly loud chorus of boos for Prince William, artfully ignored by the commentators. Also "God Save the Queen" not greeted with universal acclaim, again not acknowledged by the commentator. #FACupFinal”.

Other Twitter users described the fan's reaction as "bizarre", "weird" and "never seen before".

Some football fans rushed to the William's defences on social media.

Twitter user raosnaps said: “Prince William and the National Anthem got booed? There is something not quite OK in UK?".

George_Cooper93 added: "Booing the anthem, Prince William, and Abide with Me. Pretty disrespectful to British culture if you ask me."

LorettaGreenwo2 tweeted: "Wow some ignorant people at the FA Cup final. Why are you booing Prince William, The Queen and the National Anthem? Get a grip!"

“Liverpool fans always boo the national anthem, nothing new #PrinceWilliam” claimed Sapphireblues3.

However, not all came to his support, some users sided with those slamming the Prince’s appearance at the match.

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Twitter user ElizabethC50 said: “#PrinceWilliam @KensingtonRoyal getting booed by the good folks of Liverpool proves he’s really not that popular outside of the Daily Fail. People are getting so tired of his shenanigans.”

nhsDirtySecrets added: “Football fans saw no reason to hero-worship Prince William, and let him know that his interference in politics is unwelcome. Good lads!”

Others simply responded “oh dear” to the clip.

Ahead of the big match, the prince, who is president of the Football Association, tweeted: "Off to the men’s #FACupFinal! Who do we think will win?" along with a poll to vote your prediction.

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