Prince Harry’s time of fame ‘limited’ as Prince George grows up, expert claims

A royal expert has claimed that Prince Harry is making the most of his time of fame before it drops off with the emergence of Prince George grows up.

Despite moving to the US with wife Meghan Markle and stepping down from the royal duties, the Duke of Sussex has remained in the spotlight with a number of ventures – the most recent being the announcement he is releasing a tell-all memoir.

But some royal commentators have suggested that with Prince William’s children growing up, Harry might begin to retreat from the headlines.

Speaking on the Royally Us podcast, royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti claimed that the Duke is aware his time in the spotlight is shrinking.

“Harry himself was reported to have said to a reporter here – I think it was in The Times – that he knew that eventually people would stop being interested in him when Prince George grows up,” he suggested.

“I think what he was referring to then, was the idea that the younger royals are good for tabloid headlines and he’s certainly making plenty of those himself but as they got older they turn into the less interesting members of the Royal Family.

“Even constitutionally, they slide down that line of succession. Harry is not going to get any nearer to the throne. He’s going to get further down with every child that William and Katherine have.”

This means that, Jonathan argued, Harry “realises his time is limited to make a splash”.

“Prince Harry said he wants to use this time wisely so he can get important issues that he cares about, the attention that he knows he can by attaching his name to them,” he claimed.

“But others will say that in terms of celebrity and fame that it applies as well; that they are making hay while the sun shines.”

During his wide-ranging interview with The Times back in 2016, when he was firmly within the Royal Family, Harry said he was in a "privileged position" that he would use as long as he could "or until I become boring".

He added: "Or until George ends up becoming more interesting.

“There’s nothing worse than going through a period in your life where you’re making a massive difference and then suddenly, for whatever reason it is — whether it’s media or the public perception of you — you drop off. You want to make a difference but no one’s listening to you."

The Prince’s memoir is set for release in late 2022.

Announcing the book earlier this year, the Duke said that he hopes “in telling my story – the highs and the lows, the mistakes, the lessons learned – I can help show that no matter where we come from, we have more in common than we think".

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