Prince Harrys Netflix and memoir plans likely to be in disarray as Queen dies

The Queen 's death could see Prince Harry 's Netflix and memoir plans 'in disarray, according to a royal expert.

With the Duke and wife Meghan back in the UK since last weekend for a series of charity outings, the return "was meant to be the firing of the starting gun on their debut as content creators and supposed Hollywood power players".

However, as the UK comes together to mourn the loss of the history-making Queen, in a moment of national unity and sorrow, Harry and Meghan now find themselves in the highly unenviable position of being caught, at least for now, on the wrong side of history, according to royal correspondent, Daniela Elser.

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She says since the pair spent the last two years defining themselves entirely in opposition to a family and institution, which are today objects of the world’s sympathy and as of now, the Sussexes "are no longer able to play the Bad Palace card".

The remaining months of 2022 had been shaping up to be the biggest yet for the California-based couple since they quit royal life so dramatically in the early days of 2020.

Since hitting the US more than two years ago Harry and Meghan have waged a public PR campaign in which they have pitted themselves against the Royal Family.

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Ms Elser said: "The Duke and Duchess suddenly find themselves in a sort of 21st century emperor’s new clothes situation: Take away their signature woe-is-us lamenting routine and what are you left with?

"Two famous people who have achieved nothing meaningful and have saddled themselves with a huge mortgage."

She pointed to Harry’s memoir, with reports suggesting that publisher Penguin Random House wants the still-as-yet-unnamed title to be on shelves in time for the lucrative Christmas rush, and queried whether the publishers would risk putting out a book that might run so counter to public sentiment about the Queen or at a time of global sympathy for the House of Windsor.

"On one hand, they would seem to have invested vast wads of money into this book and interest in the Royal Family is about to reach fever pitch," she said.

"However, on the other hand, Americans today are demonstrating a surprising level of public grief, with the news of Her Majesty’s passing dominating The New York Times and Washington Post."

Ms Elser added: "As surprising as it might be, and even in the wake of the Sussexes’ allegations of racism and cruelty, polling done in May this year found that 63% of Americans still had a favourable view of the Queen.

"Against this backdrop, would Penguin risk putting out a book that might run so counter to public sentiment about the Queen or at a time of global sympathy for the House of Windsor?"

She added: "Would they take a chance on one of the biggest publishing releases in modern history only for it to (potentially) constitute kicking the royal family while they are down?

"Executives at Netflix now face the same predicament when it comes to the future of the “at home” docuseries about the Sussexes that has been in the works for at least a year now."


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