Primark shopper says £8 bra left her full of chemical burns with painful skin

A Primark shopper has vowed to never buy clothes from the budget outlet again after she says she was left with “chemical burns” from a bra she bought at the store.

Rika Smith, 38, had never had a reaction to any Primark products before but claims she was left with itchy and painful skin from the bra two-pack, which she bought for around £8.

She took to Twitter to share a snap of the irritating injury and explained: "This from a Primark bra.

"It's been washed before use but now I'm full of chemical burns from the straps. I'm not allergic to anything so very strange, always wear Primark bras, well used to, not now."

Her caring husband Neville was forced to douse cream onto the affected skin and give his wife antihistamines before the area became less painful.

She told Wales Online: “I just want awareness really, and hope no one else suffers this.

“Primark need to look into it stop selling this particular item. I want others to avoid the pain as it's been quite sore.

“If it wasn't for my husband's quick actions of cream and antihistamines it could have been a lot worse".

Rita, an astrophysics student from Blackwood in Wales, said she hadn’t heard back from the company over her complaint but is looking forward to hearing “what they have to say”.

She fumed: "Bras shouldn't chemically burn us. I'll be shopping elsewhere."

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A Primark spokesperson said they work hard to make sure their products are safe and of a good standard.

In a statement they said: “We encourage the customer to get in touch with us if they have had an issue with a product and we will happily look into their query.

“We take the safety and the quality of all our products very seriously and we are always working with both our suppliers and technologists in our quality team to ensure consistency.”

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