Pooch owner’s warning as family bulldog ‘on the brink of death’ after short walk

A beloved family dog was brought "back from the brink of death" after going for a short walk.

The bulldog became seriously ill after the stroll with his family in Hull.

After the walk, the loveable pet became seriously ill and developed "critical breathing problems."

Owner, Adam Grater, 41, was out with the pet, Dozer, when he started struggling to breathe.

He revealed the dog's colour changed and he was at serious risk of losing his life, reports Hull Live.

His owner opted not to take any chances with the two-year-old English bulldog after he became increasingly poorly.

He called the vets in a decision that could have saved his life.

“We are very careful about walking him and we always take two or three bottles of water with us,” Adam said.

“It was probably even a shorter walk than normal and it was quite a mild day, certainly no heatwave, and this was out of the blue and totally unexpected.

“Even though we were in the shade a lot, he was breathing very heavily and kept having to sit down.

“At first it seemed just like a normal panting by a dog but then I could see he was increasingly struggling to breathe. I thought I could see his colour changing and it was really worrying – I didn’t want to take any chances.”

As it was the evening and his own vet was closed, Adam immediately called Vets Now and rushed Dozer to their clinic.

“Dozer was very unstable when he was brought in and his blood pressure was dropping alarmingly,” vet Susana Jauregui said.

“We were giving him rapid intravenous fluids to try and help but it wasn’t looking good.

“When we tried to get him back to the kennel he went downhill really fast and we had to carry him back to the treatment room and get him back on oxygen.

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“It was overnight and obviously we didn’t sleep as we were waiting for word. When they told me he had pulled through and had made a good recovery it was such a relief.

“We just couldn’t understand how this had happened.”

It took several hours of skillful work by the team to pull Dozer back from the brink of death.

Experts put Dozer's sudden illness down to Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) an illness prolific in brachycephalic breeds such as bulldogs and pugs – dogs with flat faces.

Giving an update, Vet Susana said: “After four hours of one-to-one monitoring we removed the tube and connected a nasal catheter to the oxygen, and he started to become progressively more stable. He fought all night long to survive and was remarkably well the next morning.

“It was such a relief for everyone involved and we’re so pleased to hear he’s better now.”

The near-death experience led his owner to speak out to warn other owners to be aware of the condition.

“If you see that your pet is starting to breathe differently or erratically, or their colour starts to change, then you’ve got to get them to the vet very quickly,” Adam said.

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