Politician says men should breathe through their testicles and never ejaculate

Nicholas Pereira is the People's Party of Canada [PPC] candidate in the riding of St. John-Rothesay in New Brunswick.

In normal circumstances the Daily Star wouldn’t bother its readers with details of a boring politician in an obscure Canadian province, but Pereira is no ordinary politician.

When he’s not campaigning for the inexplicably popular anti-vax, anti-climate science, anti-immigration party Pereira is a YouTube with some very ballsy opinions.

Pereira has made well over 100 videos about the dangers of ejaculation, and how refraining from ejaculating can lead to all sorts of health benefits.

Pereira calls followers “semen retention soldiers,” and also offers some wacky advice on a technique he calls “testicle breathing”.

“Breathe deeply into your balls," he wrote on Instagram. "Imagine your testicles expanding like lungs. When you exhale, imagine your testicles deflating like your lungs would".

“Most men never breathe into their balls consciously,” he added.

He promises his followers that by following his advice they can become “sexual alchemists” who are “a powerhouse both in and outside the bedroom.”

"The practice of semen retention is not new,” Pereira says, “in fact it is an ancient practice that many men such as Steve Jobs, Terry Crews, Mike Tyson and Mohammed Ali all use or used.”

Pereira adds that the non-ejaculating lifestyle “is changing men's lives from around the world in a positive way.

“This practice is not political and not part of the platform but I am happy the concept is being introduced to so many new men"

He’s not too thrilled about mainstream news organisations reporting on his “Army of Semen Retention Practitioners” though.

He wrote on Twitter: ”The mainstream media is trying to discredit me in my political campaign using #semenretention & #nofap.

"They are attacking the truth at every angle because people are waking up,” he says, claiming that his party is becoming increasingly popular.

But some of Pereira’s supporters are maybe going a shade too far. New Brunswick Education Minister Dominic Cardy says his constituency office was vandalised in August — and he thinks People’s Party of Canada supporters are to blame.

“Apparently some folks turning up at my constituency office, throwing bricks at the door of the constituency office and then leaving a [PPC leader] Bernier flag behind just to make it very clear who’d done it,” he said.

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