Police issue infringement notices to Comancheros gang members after bike run

Police have issued infringement notices following “gang movements” on New Zealandroads today, including a Comancheros gang bike run between Auckland and Waikato.

A police spokesperson said officers had issued a number of notices for breaches of licence conditions and vehicle safety requirements.

“Officers have had a highly visible presence in areas where we knew gang members and associates would be travelling today.”

The Herald saw one group of eight Comancheros riders, the majority sporting gang insignia, heading south.

Police were aware of several planned events involving gang members and associates over the long weekend, including a drag meet at Meremere, attended by more than 200 people, the spokesperson said.

“Police will maintain a visible presence on the roads for the remainder of the Easter holiday period and urge all those travelling on our roads to not act in a way that puts other road users at risk.”

They said the focus for police was ensuring other motorists weren’t adversely impacted by the movements of the gang members and associates.

“And that those involved are not engaging in dangerous or reckless driving behaviour.”

Similar bikie gang runs have left motorists terrified, amid reports of gang members driving recklessly into oncoming traffic and illegally driving on the wrong side of the road.

Last month a motorist was critically hurt on the Waikato Expressway after reportedly being dragged from his vehicle and attacked in an incident involving a convoy of gang members on motorbikes.

The Comancheros, thought to be involved in today’s planned motorcycle run, gained a foothold in the Kiwi gang scene after Australia last decade began deporting people under the Australian Migration Act 501 character section, leading to hundreds of members of established motorcycle clubs without New Zealand chapters on this side of the Tasman.

The Comancheros were among Australian gangs police here saw as having the potential to radically change the criminal underworld.

Members announced their arrival in New Zealand four years ago with social media posts of black and gold-clad members gathered around gold-plated motorcycles.

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