Pilot dies after small aircraft, possibly homemade, crashes while trying to land at Delta airport – The Denver Post

The sole occupant of a small, possibly homemade aircraft was killed Sunday while trying to land at Delta’s Blake Field airport in southwestern Colorado, sheriff’s office authorities confirmed.

Emergency crews found wreckage of the aircraft off the east end of the runway and, inside, the dead pilot, according to a bulletin that the authorities posted on a county social media page.

A Delta County dispatcher said officials would not discuss what happened until Monday when they planned to issue a press release.

The crash happened shortly before noon. Delta County dispatchers received multiple reports of “a small plane that had crashed while trying to land” on the airport property, the county posting said.

Sheriff deputies, Delta police, firefighters and ambulances went to the scene of the crash. They found “the wreckage of a small, single occupant, possibly home-made plane off the east end of the runway, but still on the airport property.”

The Delta County Coroner’s Office was notifying relatives. Other information about the pilot wasn’t available, authorities said.

Sheriff officials notified the Federal Aviation Administration and federal investigators were to head to the airport Monday to begin an investigation.

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