Photographer shares stunning photo of a beautiful full moon looking like an eye

A photographer's snap has gone viral after capturing a perfect 'moon rise' through a rock arch – that looks just like a human eye.

Nature photographer Zach Cooley has clocked up over 17,000 likes on Instagram with the breathtaking shot, which he says took months of planning.

He took the one-off pic on October 28 during a short holiday to Arches National Park in Utah, USA.

Explaining on his Instagram page, @zachcooleyphoto, he said: “I planned an entire vacation mostly around the fact that the moonrise would align with this arch and I could get something resembling a spooky eye on the week of Halloween.

“Planning for this shot was difficult and it began several months in advance.

“Despite cross-referencing the moon position in multiple applications, there’s nothing close to a guarantee you’ll be in the right place, just a few steps in any direction and you won’t get the shot.

“Over two nights I got some single shots and double exposures, I thought this one was best for the eye look, what do you think?”

Thousands of wowed fans praised the ambitious shot, and dished out some cheesy eyeball puns.

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One said: "You have a real eye for photography."

Zach later added: “I had never been so nervous for a photo as the moment approached, and never happier with the result of planning as the moon appeared where I was hoping and passed perfectly through the arch.”

It looks like Zach's weekend away will pay for itself, as due to demand he is selling prints of the jaw dropping lunar moment on his website.

The arch in the photo is known as the Delicate Arch.

It stands 16 metres high, and is the most famous of the 2,000+ natural sandstone arches in the 76,000 acre national park.

The Delicate Arch is also one of the most famous landmarks in the US state of Utah.

This year the Halloween full moon – known traditionally as the Harvest or Hunter's Moon depending how close it falls to the autumn equinox – was also a blue moon.

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