Pet cam records cat’s joy when he finds his way home after going missing

An adorable video from a pet cam shows an exhausted cat's reaction to realising he is home and safe again – with viewers on TikTok saying it had them crying.

In the clip, the ginger cat wanders up to the porch looking nervous and spots a bowl of food that has been left out for him.

Clearly ravenous, he cautiously starts eating.

Meanwhile, his worried owner opens the door and softly calls out to him.

The cat's eyes widen like saucers and he abandons his food, choosing instead to be reunited with his anxious human pal.

In the caption, his owner and TikTok user @thelmahale explained: "My cat got out and was missing all day.

"We searched and searched but there was no sign of him anywhere.

"We put his cat box food an unwashed shirt and a moron camera in hopes he would find his way home.

"At 1am I got a notification from the camera and this was my cat’s reaction to me opening the door."

The poor cat wasn’t out of the woods yet either, with the owner adding: "Hug your fur babies!

"I am so happy he’s home but he’s walking really weird so we’re taking him to the vet tomorrow."

The video was watched more than 9 million times on the video-sharing app and heartbroken viewers were quick to send messages of love.

One wrote: "I'm crying."

"He left his food? Damn, he loves you," joked a second.

"You can tell just by his eyes," gushed someone else.

Another person quipped: "What if the cat thinks it got kicked out with all its stuff left outside?"

In an update, the ginger cat's owner revealed that the vet reckoned he had just exhausted himself from all the walking as he tried to come home and should just be monitored for now.

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