Pensioner sets neighbour on fire and shoots woman in neck over allotment row

A man has suffered serious burns on 60 per cent of his body, while a woman was left with an arrow through her neck, after a pensioner allegedly launched a vicious attack on a couple in Russia.

An attempted murder inquiry has been launched by officials in Russia’s Far East, near Vladivostok, after the unnamed man was set alight by a home-made flame-thrower just minutes before his wife miraculously survived being shot in the neck.

In footage of the incident, the suspect can be seen using what appears to be a modified fire extinguisher to attack the man.

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It is believed that a woman named Nina, the head of the local allotment society, was struck with an arrow from the pensioner’s speargun.

Miraculously, the arrow did not fatally injure the woman as footage showed her walking around with it sticking out of her neck after being hit.

The arrow can be seen protruding from the right side of her neck as she looks at the camera in complete shock. Local media reported that the speargun had been fired by the pensioner while the woman was facing away from him.

It was that incident that prompted Nina’s husband to approach the pensioner, who had attempted to return to his house after striking the wife.

As the husband looked to defuse the situation, the pensioner turned around and uses the modified fire extinguisher to set the man alight. Onlookers then scream as they frantically try to save the man from burns.

A witness told local media: “In the confusion, the attacker approached the chairwoman of the gardening allotment association with a speargun from behind and aimed a shot at her back.

“When they saw this, they screamed, and her husband, who was standing nearby, tried to save his wife.

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“At that moment, the attacker fired and pierced the woman’s neck with an arrow through and through.”

The pensioner was reportedly wrestled to the ground by onlookers after trying to go back into his home before being handed over to the police.

Paramedics rushed both victims to hospital in an ambulance. The flamethrower victim is said to have serious burns over 60 per cent of his body and a fundraiser has been launched to help with his treatment costs.

Local media reports that Nina was operated on to remove the arrow and is conscious and talking to the police. She is expected to be discharged from hospital this week. It’s understood police have opened an attempted murder investigation.

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