Parents who left newborn baby in car to shop in B&M slammed by police

A couple who left their newborn baby alone in a car while they shopped in a B&M have been given "strong words of advice" by the police.

After spotting the helpless tot without any adults nearby in Middlesbrough, a concerned member of the public rang the authorities.

The parents were shopping in a chain of the discount store and failed to go back to the car even after a worker made a store announcement about the worrying incident last Thursday at around 1.40pm.

Police confirmed the time between the call from the member of the public and the baby being reunited with its parents was 11 minutes.

By the time officers arrived, a member of the public had managed to open the car to check on the child's welfare.

A spokeswoman for Cleveland Police said the baby's parents were located shortly afterward and were given "strong words of advice" about leaving their child unattended in a car.

The worrying incident was met with concerned comments from locals online.

One called for the parents to be "named and shamed".

Another said: "Figures it would be outside a B&M on the Trunk Road."

A third added: "This is a serious criminal offence and should not be being discussed in this way."

There is no specific law against leaving your child unattended in the car, but it is illegal to do so if it places them at risk.

Another local added: "Cheap biscuits and crisps are a priority."

B&M is a nationwide discount store whose tagline is "selling big brands at sensational prices".

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