Paramedics killed in fireball after speeding ambulance collides with fuel truck

Three paramedics have been killed in a nightmare car crash when their ambulance smacked into a truck carrying fuel.

The horror collision occurred when the ambulance was out on an emergency call and the impact with the highly-flammable liquid caused the vehicles to turn into a huge fireball.

All three people in the ambulance died near Yaroslavl in Russia and have been named as Natalya Panova, 60, mother of one, Svetlana Glukhova, 35, and ambulance driver Sergey Sivkov, 60.

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A third vehicle, a Lada, was also involved in the smash which also claimed the life of a fourth victim.

The nightmare on asphalt was captured on video, which showed a huge blaze breaking out after they smashed through a fence near the village of Vorobino.

The vehicles ended up in a garden with the houses nearby also catching fire in the process. No residents were hurt during the blast with all of them thought to have been out at work at the time.

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A reporter for local media outlet76.rusaid: “The fuel truck is still on fire, there is an open blaze.

“A house is smoking. Firefighters are working non-stop.

“They come out with black faces, and douse themselves with water – and extinguish again.”

A message posted by the ambulance service said: “Blessed memory to colleagues who died on August 30, in an accident near the village of Vorobino while on duty”.

Mikhail Evraev, Acting governor of Yaroslavl region, said: “As a result of the accident, a fuel truck, a passenger car and an ambulance, which was on a call, collided.

“Fuel spilled, and the ambulance caught fire.

“The blaze spread to neighbouring houses.

“Unfortunately, the entire ambulance crew died.

“I express my deepest condolences to the relatives.

“We will provide all necessary assistance to the families of the victims.”


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