Paramedic straps dead mans body to his back after dying in heart of forest

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Footage has emerged of the bizarre moment a paramedic was forced to take a dead man to the hospital strapped to the back of his motorcycle as there was no other way to access the body.

Emergency workers Montree Phiewphong and his brother Apichart carried the corpse of villager Leuang Chodkasem, 73, after he collapsed while picking fruits in a forest in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand on August 14.

The brothers took turns tying the man's mummified body to their backs as they rode through the remote terrain of the Thap Lan National Park forest, which was inaccessible by a pickup truck.

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A clip of the incident shows the body wrapped in white cloth and secured to the back of one of the brothers with bright orange tape as they rode through long grass.

Explaining their actions, Montree said: "This was the only way to take the deceased's body away from the scene. The path was too narrow for cars so we needed to securely fasten him to the back of our motorcycle. It was safe."

Leuang had reportedly walked deep into the woods on August 13 afternoon in search of some black myrobalan fruit to harvest but alarm bells were raised when he didn't return home, according to his son.

A search party went out that evening to look for him to no avail until 2am on August 14.

It wasn't until around 6am, that his distraught son returned to resume the search and found his father's lifeless body under a tree.

The authorities were called to help retrieve Leuang's body but it proved difficult since the area where the pensioner died was more than 30 minutes away from the nearest homes.

It was also down a overgrown trail that was inaccessible by large vehicles so Montee and Apichart resorted to riding with the body on the back of a motorcycle to avoid tiring themselves out.

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Leuang's body has been taken to the Wang Nam Khiao Hospital, where a post-mortem examination will be conducted to determine the cause of his death.

Apichart, the second paramedic involved in carrying the body, added: "It looks strange to people when they see a dead person on the back of the bike.

"We said prayers for him and paid our respects when we reached the temple."


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