OnlyFans stars ex gave her £50k in shoes as peace offering after sex assault

An OnlyFans star with almost 2 million followers claims her multimillionaire ex bought her more than £50,000 worth of shoes in Hollywood as a "peace offering" the day after he sexually assaulted her.

In a new lawsuit, reported by Page Six, American model Stefanie Gurzanski is claiming Stephen Cloobeck defamed her and sexually assaulted her.

Cloobeck, 59, previously sued 26-year-old Gurzanski for more than $1 million (£722k) following their five-month relationship.

He claimed Gurzanski, who goes by the name Baby G on OnlyFans, swindled him for expensive gifts and used his properties and private jet for nude shoots.

Cloobeck, who made $2 billion (£1.4bn) for selling his Diamond Resorts company in 2016, has already sued her for copyright to some of her racy images claiming he was tricked into thinking she was a fashion model.

Gurzanski’s claims of sexaul assualt are said to have occured in July 2020 when they met at Cloobeck’s home, according to court papers.

The suit claims: "Cloobeck, without permission or consent, proceeded to stand up, forcibly grab Ms Gurzanski, pull up her dress and put his head between her legs and sexually assault Ms Gurzanski without her consent."

It goes on to say that the following day, Cloobeck contacted Gurzanski and told her that he "wanted to take her shopping on Rodeo Drive as a peace offering".

The claim adds that Cloobeck picked the stores the two went to and that he "instructed the store manager to pick out shoes for Ms Gurzanski," when they visited Christian Louboutin boutique.

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Cloobeck purchased and gifted approximately $70,000 (£51k) worth of shoes to Gurzanski before purchasing thousands upon thousands of dollars of gifts for her as the shopping trip continued.

The suit says Cloobeck acted kindly and "Ms Gurzanski convinced herself that he had become a new man".

The papers added: "Unfortunately for Ms. Gurzanski, she was not prepared to deal with the emotions and consequences of Cloobeck’s vile act, and like many abused individuals who do not believe that they could have been in such a situation, she did her best to rationalize and excuse what happened."

Gurzanski, who is originally from Canada, claims in the suit that Cloobeck had demanded that she stop appearing on OnlyFans and cites their breakup was over him nagging about being on the site.

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She also claims Cloobeck harassed her with phone calls and texts following the breakup.

The court papers also say he threatened to destroy her life by bankrupting her and could call in political favors to stop her green card.

Gurzanski eventually took out a restraining order against Cloobeck.

Speaking to Page Six, Cloobeck’s lawyer, Patricia Glaser, said: "Mr Cloobeck never forced himself on her (or anyone else)."

She also said Cloobeck denies the claims in Gurzanski’s countersuit.

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