OnlyFans star Poppy Evans, 24, quit hell Jessops job to earn £15k per month

An OnlyFans star has opened up about how she quit her “hell” job at photography chain Jessops to become on of the top 0.42% of creators on the adult site.

And 24-year-old Poppy Evans is earning so much from it that she's managed to buy herself a house with the money.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, East Midlands-native Poppy – which is not her real name – said: “I was so bored at my old job, and I felt like I got no satisfaction out of what I was doing.

“However now I am my own boss, and it’s not just a business that I’m running, but it's my own!

“I know however much I put into it is how much I am going to get out of it, too.

“I’ve gone from being self-employed and making £72 in my first ever month on OnlyFans, to now being a limited company and making around the £15K mark each month.

“I’m definitely not a 'throw it all on a designer handbag' kind of girl though.

“I’ve just bought a house in the North West, I invest heavily into a pension each month and make smart decisions with my money to secure my future.”

Poppy, who calls herself the “threesome queen” and the “not so innocent girl next door”, started her adult career around two and a half years ago after she and her partner decided they wanted to try swinging.

They had ventured into swinging clubs and other places, and found that the people who go to the events were on sites such as Only Fans.

So they decided to take a punt and join, but didn't really have any idea of what the site was all about.

At first, the couple – who are still together – did not show their faces, and built up a decent subscriber base, and the plan was to use the money towards a holiday.

The couple ended up moving where they lived due to his work, and Poppy gave up her job in photography to work at Jessops.

She recalled: “Honestly, it was the worst job I've ever had in my life – I was basically a dogsbody.

“It got to the point where it'd be like two minutes before I was due to start, I'd be waiting outside and I'd literally be clock watching until it turned 9am to go in.

“I just hated that job.”

It didn't take long for Poppy, who has 69,000 Twitter followers, to decide to go it alone on OnlyFans.

Having noticed that many solo females were doing “incredibly well”, she made the page and a new stage name, and soon after she was making more money per month on the site than she was doing an average month at Jessops.

“I said to my partner 'look, I'm incredibly unhappy doing this job and I can't continue doing this'.

“We both agreed, so I left, I took the plunge, and I've been doing Only Fans full time ever since then.”

Poppy's promise to her fans is that she'll post three times per day – and currently has more than 3,200 posts, and 5,275 items of individual media.

Keeping content fresh can sometimes be an issue, but she was adamant that one specific kind of content was her favourite – and it spawned her nickname.

She explained: “Most of the time, it's just thinking of new ideas or slightly tweaking something that has been popular in the past, working with new people, or working with people who I've previously worked with, and that my fans really like.

“Doing threesome content is definitely my favourite.

“My partner is still involved in the content, and that's what I prefer to do because it means that he's involved as well.

“It's not my favourite to edit, though as it takes me about three hours to edit a threesome.”

One of the perks of OnlyFans is that her subscribers can make their own special request.

Poppy admits, while laughing, that the weirdest request she has had was someone paying around £60 for her partner to tickle her for three minutes – fully clothed, with nothing sexual taking place. And she happily obliged.

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