OnlyFans Elle Brooke slams stupid fans falling for accounts posing as her

OnlyFans model Elle Brooke has slammed "stupid" fans who fall for scam Instagram accounts pretending to be her.

Yesterday (Tuesday, October 25) the TikTok and boxing sensation hosted a question-and-answer session with her 503,000 followers on the social media site.

One fan asked her: "Have you got more than one insta account? You followed me the other day haha."

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Elle said: "No, this is my only Instagram account. If you are followed by someone with me as their profile you are getting mother-f***ing scammed.

"And if you are believing it, you are stupid."

Elle also revealed how she manages to get rid of creepy guys on nights out in an instant.

Another fan asked her: "What's the funniest story in which a guy failed to pull you on a night out?"

Elle explained: "I don't know, I don't really have many funny stories like that.

"Like normally, if a guy is being a bit creepy, I literally just stare at them. They get the hint pretty quickly.

"No one's ever been to the point where it's too embarrassing because they're like, 'ah – I get the f***ing hint to leave this girl alone."

Elle used the question-and-answer session to open up about her insecurities when she was younger.

Another query from a fan read: "Did you get a lot of attention when you were younger?"

She responded: "I was an ugly kid. If you think I'm ugly now, imagine that times a 1000.

"I was f****ing clapped, I was fat and ginger, double homicide."

Following her victory in her debut boxing bout earlier this year, there are now calls for Elle to finally fight OnlyFans rival Astrid Wett after their proposed fight was cancelled in July.

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Elle herself has called on promoters to get it organised, and earlier this week revealed why she is so keen for it.

She wrote on Twitter: "Influencer boxing is basically an amazing opportunity to get into the ring with people you dislike and have a legal way of beating some sense into them lol."


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